My VPN won't connect. It keeps saying: "connecting".

This problem can occur when you're trying to connect to an offline location. You can easily check our server status on the following page: If the location is online, it may also be a firewall or antivirus blocking the VPN connection.

This problem may also occur if there is something wrong with the TAP adapter. If you open the log file (located in your client folder > bin > log > connectionlog.txt) and you see the following line(s): "Waiting for TUN/TAP interface to come up" you can follow the steps below to solve this.

  • Open device manager.
  • Expand network adapters.
  • Right click on your TAP adapter and click uninstall > OK. (Don't check the box)
  • Do the steps above for all TAP adapters you may have. (Do NOT do this for other adapters, ONLY TAP adapters!)
  • Install the following as administrator:
  • Now restart your computer using the following command in command prompt. Make sure you open command prompt (cmd) as administrator. Type the following command (without quotes) in CMD: "shutdown /s /t 0" and press enter. This will fully restart your computer, please try connecting again after your computer booted up again.

If the location you're connecting too is online, and you tried the steps above. Please contact our support team and provide us with a log file. The log file can be found in: client folder > bin > log > connectionlog.txt

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